Why is it difficult to find a job in Brazil?

There is an interesting article in Exame today that talks about Brazil being in the last place in terms of 27 countries in terms of difficulty of hiring expats.

Since I always get this question, I thought I will reinforce the message why.
The two main reasons for difficulty are 1) protectionist attitude and, once this is overcome, 2) bureaucracy. The process takes a long time which requires a high investment in terms of time and effort on the behalf of the employers, which may not be worth it.

Aside from the shortage in terms of management abilities, the article cites shortages in terms of qualified scientific and engineering talent due to the serious gaps that Brazil has in its education system. This is certainly the word on the street and my sense in the professional environment.
For those of you looking for opportunities: Oil and Gas, Retail, IT, Health are some industries to consider – either in terms of offering your own service, or training others in Brazil.