Brazilian government Trying to Encourage Innovation

The following article talks about the Brazilian government launching a program (Programa Inova Empresa) to encourage innovation through investment in defined strategic sectors. Of total resources, the agricultural chain will get $ 3 billion, oil and gas R $ 4.1 billion; industrial health complex R $ 3.6 billion; environmental sustainability with R $ 2.1 billion, aerospace and defense complex with R $ 2.9 billion; energy R $ 5.7 billion, and information technology R$ 2.1 billion.

This sounds like A LOT of money to me.

Initial thoughts:
-how much of this will actually get to innovative hands vs. officials’ pockets or abyss of inefficiency and bureaucracy?

-government states they want to progress from import- substitution economy to an innovation-driven one geared towards value creation. This sounds like tons of bull as from everything I hear, the internal mindset is still somewhere in the 60s or 70s with total reluctance to encourage any competitiveness beyond job creation (regardless of whether those jobs add any value.. To illustrate, I would use my eternal example of the lady at the airport whose sole role is to sit on a chair inside the elevator and press the botton).

Looking at the brighter side, I guess at least stating an intention to creation innovation is better than just talking about soap operas and football…


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