The Brazilian Wetlands. Much more to come when I’m back home and have time to upload the real pictures.

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Proof of concept

-Miranda, 22:00.

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5 things to do on a Saturday night in a small town

(Conclusions recorded based on a one hour stroll across the streets of Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul, population: 25k; by order of popularity)

1. Eating street food by the railroad tracks (in improvised restaurants serving pizza, burgers and hot dogs), while watching the novela (soap opera)

2. Sitting on a chair on the sidewalk, watching people walk by

3. Driving a car with spinners and speakers in the trunk playing full volume

4. Eating ice cream by the kilo (had a bucketfull, around 6 different flavors, for R$3.50)

5. Dancing FUNK in a bar full of dudes with baseball caps (15:1 men to women ratio)

6. Going to Bruna Surfistinha (former hooker, turned writer, turned Reggae DJ) concert

PS: you can guess which of these I tried..