What are the projects on my mind?

Ever since I reached Brazil, I have had an infinite brainstorming session inside my head about things I want to do the near time that will make me happy. Thought I would list my top 15 here:

1. Write a book

2. Write a book with a friend (1 done, 1 to go – let me know if you know any publishers).

3. Open a hostel

4. Bring educational opportunities to Brazil (I think this is the number 1 problem in this country) – both for graduate level and for basic education.

5. Start an online business

6. Fall in-love

7. Read the increasing pile of books on my nightstand

8. Take all the possible courses on Coursera

9.  Make a difference in someone’s life

10. Travel to somewhere completely different

11. Learn how to cook something new

12. Discover new hidden places in Rio

13. Start a tourism-related business or join a tourism-related company

14. Learn French (Or Italian, or Japanese, or Swedish, etc.,)

15. Make my blog go viral

2 thoughts on “What are the projects on my mind?

  1. That’s a lot of projects. I wish I had time to undertake similar things.

    The question is — which of those will you prioritize?


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