Making a difference in someone’s life

As I was sipping my morning coffee, I heard our floor kitchenette lady, Cida, speaking very angrily on the phone. She is normally extremely sweet-natured and very calm, therefore this tone raising was very strange. When I went to the kitchen a few mins later, she was crying and refused to say what happened. Asking the secretaries around, I found out she got into a fight with the person in charge of her contract (I guess she is a third party employee). Two hours later, she was still crying and looking miserable. When I came back from lunch, I went to her and said: Cida, you need to think about the future, this moment may be difficult, but it’s not the end of the world, I am sure of it. We all meet shitty people in our lives, and we cannot let it get to us. Cheer up, everything will be ok. After this pep talk she seemed a lot more relieved.

I am wondering if I actually helped in any way or she was just being polite to get rid of me..

My boss was also upset today both because of personal and work related issues – mainly lack of motivation of people. I spent some therapy time with him, saying that he just needs to let go and not think that he can solve anyone’s problems. People may pretend that they are his friends, but it’s still work and a week after he’s gone, everyone will forget about his existence and move on with their lives… he seemed to be in retrospection after our conversation. I think I should start charging for all these therapy sessions.

Helping people is a selfish thing. It is something we do to make ourselves feel better. Question for the universe: How does one become selfless?


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