The creative Brazilian plumber

It has been a while since my last cultural update. I supposed I am becoming too local since I have stopped noticing the crazy things around me.

Until 2 days ago!!

I had the great fortune of getting my toilet clogged, discovering that I don’t have a plunger, learning how to say plunger in Portuguese (“desentupidor”), realizing it’s useless and eventually calling my doorman to rescue.

My doorman, Paulo, a man of few words, was quick to come and offer an interesting solution: he brought a stack of newspapers, unfolded them, placing them on top of the toilet bowl. He then brought a wooden board, the size of a kitchen table more or less, placed it on top of the newspaper stack and climbed on top of the board. He then reassured me that this trick works every time and began flushing the toilet. To my horror, after a few flushes, water started streaming out of the bowl and covering my bathroom floor. “Hm.. I guess this doesn’t work for some reason”, mused Paulo, and decided to resort to plan B before he flooded my entire apartment. He then picked up the plunger, pumped the bowl a few times, until it easily got unclogged. Problem solved.

Lesson learned in Brazil: let people be creative and innovative and at the end they will get to a simple solution and everyone lives happily ever after.


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