Brazil is getting back to business as usual

In Brazil, one learns to observe how quickly people get excited and how quickly they also forget and move on to the next thing. Last week we were all preparing for a revolution and this week, it seems that everyone has internalized the issues and is moving on.

Another interesting point is that while the first waves were mostly upper middle class/students/young professionals driven, now it’s cascading down to class C/D/E.

Today, my company released some of the people early because there were protests in Rocinha, Rio’s largest favela, which ended up streching up to Leblon, one of richest neighborhoods. Besides that, people have been camping out and protesting outside the Governer’s house, also situated in Leblon. I think those two things make officials really worried, as they touch their own personal lives  and I therefore am wondering what kind of changes could this bring about.

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