Every good revolution needs a catchy song #changeBrazil

So we have had blog posts, photos, hand-written signs, dances, videos, graphic designs and other ways through we my dear Brazilians have expressed themselves so far against their government.
One thing I have noticed from the beginning was that this revolution has been missing a very important social glue – music! And I have been telling this to everyone ever since I went to the protests last week.

Perhaps I am influenced by Coca-Cola’s Wavin’ Flag campaign, but I do believe that people actually bond and get inspired across social classes and nationalities through music.

So until now, I have been humming Wavin’ Flag to myself until I saw a post about Tom Zé, who just launched his new song Povo Novo (“new people” more or less) about the protests. I am not sure this one is the winner of the contest, but I guess it’s a start!

I think I am either becoming a prophet, or all of us just spent way too much time of our lives watching American marketing campaigns.