The Price of Stress

Today I received the following e-mail at work (translated here from Portuguese):

“Stress is one of the main challenges of high performance professionals. Putting away this exhausting element will result in improving quality of life. A check-up is a snapshot of your state of health and a first step of setting a program of goals to be achieved in the next 12 months. We should proactively look for longevity: 73% of diseases are related to chosen lifestyle, 10% are accidents the last 17% are attributed to genetics. Lets do it…..” 

First, I found it one of the best corporate communications e-mails I’ve gotten so far; perfectly targeted towards type-A, result oriented folks that end up in those over-stressed situations. Second, it made me think about how many times we keep hearing this type of message about the relationship between work stress and personal health and overall happiness and despite knowing it all, completely failing at reducing stress. On the contrary, it just keeps increasing and increasing.

I saw this article about the Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship and found it quite interesting as everyone thinks that the solution to a bad boss, annoying colleagues or a grinding routine is opening your own business. However, as I found out on my own flesh, staring your own business is no walk in the park so the expected outcomes better really be worth the sleepless nights and endless worries.

As my entrepreneurial plans were put on a small burner for now, I am yet to find the answer as to what should one do. Some of the ideas I am contemplating are:  getting a brain dead 9-4 pm job such as a pharmacy cashier, moving somewhere remote where I could live off the land and teaching English or selling wire bracelets to tourists, or moving in with my parents and pretending I am a bohemian writer, spending the next two years lounging in coffee shops and people-watching (which I do already but could make it into  a M-F activity). Any suggestions?


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