Women in Media, Women in the Board Room, Career Choices versus Population Growth

Today I had multiple inputs about the status of women’s progress in society.

First, the below video highlighted the high level of negative / sexist bias that mainstream media creates about women, showing them as sex objects or raving bitches.

Second, it was announced that for the first time in history, a woman, Mary Barra will serve as a CEO of a major car company, GM, in an industry that is notoriously known for its “old boy club” mentality. All articles, kindly highlighted her professional and interpersonal skills that had led to this promotion.

Third, I ran into the following article about Japan, who is genuinely putting an effort to incorporate women in the workplace, building on their knowledge and talents. It cites all sorts of initiatives, the most interesting of which I found was pushing social norms, to encourage dads to contribute more at home. One challenge it tries to balance with women’s career options with the need to increasing population growth in a country where there are more pets that children under the age of 15!

Overall, 1 step back and 2 steps forward. I guess,  I shall remain optimistic!