Jeri, could we Marry?

My 6 hour trip to Jericoacoara was quite an adventure. First, The bus I took stopped for lunch at a place that looked like a medieval castle (armors and all..). The food didn’t look too fresh and I remembered my travel food tips and avoided eating any uncooked veggies, eggs or seafood. I finished with a Coke for total disinfection. Just before leaving, I was introduced to a parrot named Katerina. She was screaming her name loudly. I am all for self-marketing so I didn’t resist when the waiter put her on my shoulder (even though all I could think of at the moment was: bird flu!!). We then took some pics together.


Shortly after, we arrived to Jijoca and switched to something that was supposed to be a 4×4 but actually turned out to be something between a barge and a chicken bus. After 2 hours of a roller coaster ride through forgotten villages (think Dorothea Lange , Great Depression, the Dust bowl, etc), huge sand dunes, 2D cows and dunkeys grazing on scarcely green fields, endless dirt roads, we finally arrived at Jeri.


I dropped off my stuff and went to explore. I discovered the large dune and the beautiful coast line.

It was definitely worth the long journey. I will let the pictures speak for me.











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