Medical treatment for the rich

Applying my jeitinho brasileiro (look it up if you haven’t heard of it yet) skills, I managed to get access to high-end medical checkup facilities that are reserved for senior management (rather the communist style ones reserved for the “simple” people such as myself).

Let me tell ya.. Now, that was some experience. It started when at 7am, a private nurse (white robe and all) arrived to my house to take my blood, ahead of the actual visit scheduled for the afternoon. I was already starting to feel superior.

When I arrived to the medical center, which is located at a high rise (in Rio Sul shopping center) , I was ushered to a separate entrance and welcomed by special personnel that is responsible just for this. I then was taken to a reception area overlooking the mountains and the bay with leather couches, flat screen TV, a coffee bar and iPads with current journals to read. In the following 4 hours I was called into various rooms, each of which contained a different specialist and all sorts of fancy medical devices. I was scanned, measured, ultrasounded, x-rayed and put under some other procedures I wouldn’t mention here.
At the end of this I was brought a special snack I ordered via an iPads app and was gifted a t-shirt.

I have no idea how much money this type of thing costs but it was a damn great experience, especially in a city where customer service in the good case means actually bringing what the customer asked for and in a great case bringing it within a reasonable time frame.






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