An Inspirational Week

This week I have been on a manic streak of inspiration.
1. I helped 3 girlfriends with 3 different business ideas to think about next steps of making them into reality. One if focused on women empowerment in the workplace (my personal passion), another wants to help us women learn more about our sexuality and improve thereby our sex lives (an important deed) and a third one who wants to help people with international food tourism (I just lovvvved the idea). I hope all three become sensational success and make our world a better place!

2) I tried to get my father to sign up for Coursera’s sustainable energy course with the premise that it is so fascinating how you can solve various human problems through engineering solutions. He said that this is what he has been working on all his life and that I dropped it by going to the business side. I still felt inspired afterwards. I can just hire engineers!

3) I decided to scale up my efforts and on the fly invited 50 women from my company, from different departments and hierarchy levels, to join me for a happy hour next week. Really looking forward to see how it goes!!

Now, time to re-energize and think of next victims of my grand scheme of making people happier!

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