My first large scale failure in empowerment

Last week I decided to be super cool and organize a large scale event to empower women in my company. I was so proud of myself; I mapped out all the smart ladies, across different departments , I identified a popular location close to work, I sent a funny invite to 50 of them, calling them to join me for a Powerful Happy Hour.

I then immediately got a bunch of existed e-mails, the meeting got forwarded, more than 20+ confirmed. I was feeling popular and powerful.

But then today, as the happy hour time was approaching, I started receiving apologetic e-mails, in the typical Brazilian fashion. “Wow, really loved your initiative. Congrats! I unfortunately can’t come because of my mom/husband/pet birthday” or whatever other excuse they could come up with.

I felt so shattered mostly not because they didn’t show up for me, but because they saw it as something they were doing for me (or not), rather a cool way for them to network, make new friends or just try something different.

At the end , only 4 girls showed up. We still had a great time and a good chat but I was left very disillusioned.

Lesson re-affirmed: fail quick, fail cheap

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

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