Gays on TV – Now even in Brazil

On my way to the airport I learned from the taxi driver that last night was historical because it was the first time that they showed a kiss between 2 men on Brazilian TV. It was on the evening Novela, so this means that probably half of the population saw it.

This made it to the front page of the news, just like most controversial moments in the Novela do.

We discussed in depth the implications of this dramatic development and how given that the director, the producer and half of the actors in Globo are gay, it’s surprising that it didn’t happen earlier.

Him: “I think people have the right to do whatever they want in their sexual lives even though I don’t think this configuration is natural. I have three girls and I wouldn’t want them to be gay but if they were, I’d be sad but I will love them anyhow”

Me: “I think these days it is fashionable to be gay”

Him:”don’t get me wrong, I would never want to kiss a guy. Just like someone would have to pay me something like 100k per month to drive a taxi in Amapá, they would have to pay me a whole lot to do something like this.”

Me:”come on, it’s just a kiss. Can’t be that big of a deal”

I always find it very funny how Brazilian men get so defensive about these sort of things. I guess there is a lot of cultural change that still need to happen.

My personal wish is that the next Novela will be about the value of education and honest public servants. Imagine the discussion this may generate!!!

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