Buttocks vs. Brain in Brazilian Culture

I’ve ran into the article, “Which Place Is More Sexist: The Middle East Or Latin America?”, a fellow foreigner wrote about her impressions of the Brazilian sexualized culture. It is interesting how most foreigners I know share a similar opinion, regardless of them being men or women. This constant portray of women as sexual objects is a bit much.

One entertaining pastime activity is watching Faustao’s Sunday talk show, which constantly features in the background half-naked women shaking their large behinds as the camera zooms in and out. As a woman, I never know if I should laugh or cry at this low level entertainment being broadcasted to the masses, telling them a woman is just a piece of meat on display.

It’s not only the media which keeps corrupting the new generations, I constantly see women dressing their 2, 5 and 10 year olds in little provocative mini skirts, putting makeup and nail polish on them and calling attention to them being sooo “bonitinha” (littly pretty things). This one definitely brings out rage in me. I see this type of approach at par with smoking in front of one’s baby. Absolutely revolting.

It is something I would definitely like to do change. Brazilian culture should value more what’s inside a woman’s heads instead of focusing attention on the size and shape of her behind or breasts.

Some examples of public propaganda on the Rio metro: