Goodbye San Francisco

I’ve been hopping around a lot lately which made me reflect over what is it about one city or another that truly sticks with me and makes me want to come back.

In Rio, it’s the incredible nature and mix between art, architecture and music.

In NYC, it’s the vibrance of activity and diversity that let you do anything and be anyone you’d like at any time you’d like.

Boston has its intellectual allure and European flare but yet a more laid- back university/American style.

Austin reminds me of those laid back college days and family time (plus great shopping and chilling by the lake).

And finally, San Francisco, for someone who loves walking and people-watching, provides endless streets of Victorian rowhouses, each more charming then the other. Its great blend of hippie and yuppie style just puts me at ease and makes me want to meditate with a cup of Philz mojito iced coffee in my hand.







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