More on passionate pursuits

I suppose my idea for the post was so great, that many impostors popped up. Like this Oliver Emberton, who is he anyways?!



Joking – this guy has some good stuff to say. And he even uses color-coded graphs.


Color-Coded graphs
Color-Coded graphs


If you went through the American educational system, worked for a real corporation or read any career self-help book, you must have been told that you’re supposed to do what you’re passionate about and then you will become happy and successful. Well, this is sort of a stupid career advice.I had a conversation about this with yet another fellow overachiever and decided it’s about time I put some thoughts in writing.

First,if I knew what I am passionate about, I’d be doing it already, won’t I?

Second, after about 20-30 years of being conditioned that having job is the necessary evil, means to an end, the responsible choice or whatnot, it’s very hard to be able to associate the positive emotional sensation of passion to something so logical and cold as building my own career. I am passionate about sleeping, eating, traveling. If I just did those for…

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