Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur

In a random women entrepreneurs networking event in Austin, I met a lovely woman called Danielle who turned out to be a founder of a company called Chalk Ink. We hit it off immediately and she invited me to an event she was holding at her office. She seemed nice and I had no plans for the next day so I of course signed up (I might tattoo “Never Stop Exploring” on my chest of forehead soon).

The story of the company is quite interesting. Danielle used to work as a designer for Whole Foods and create their store graphics and signage. She then realized that the chalk markers they were using were not adequate and created her own high quality markers which is now used in all Starbucks, Whole Foods and many other restaurants and establishments. I was also surprised to learn that they are also used in industrial plants and even by the US army to temporarily mark some equipment!

Chalk Ink came up with a very cool event to promote their brand. They invited a bunch of successful Do-It-Yourself and other artsy bloggers to come and hang out in Austin and create stuff with the markers. I had a really fun morning getting inspired by all these talented people and learning how to draw, something I haven’t done since high school. It was such a liberating experience.

Outside of Chalk Ink office
Lobby is just as cute
Getting instructions from real artists who work for Whole Foods and such
This was hand-written caligraphy
Artists show what can be done with a tad-bit more talent
All prepared with my markers
Marking my canvas
and voila! Drew my first XMAS bell.
Created by some of the real artsy bloggers like
Can’t believe this was drawn with chalk markers!! Credit: Anilyn Fabello,
You can draw on everything with these markers. Credit: Anilyn Fabello,


..even on fridges! Credit: Anilyn Fabello,
Amazing art by amazing artists-in-residence. Credit: Anilyn Fabello,
Got to make my own ornament and feel like a little kiddo!