First days at Serra do Cipo

Our first days in Minas Gerais’ countryside started with an adventure already as strong rains caused serious power outages. No internet, mobile phone, light or even coffee ( the espresso machine at the coffee shop didn’t work) for 24 hours makes one really appreciate modern civilization.

Stuff along the road


Smirnoff ice @ Candle light


Pousada Solar dos Ipes



Carnaval costumes

I ran into these guys with their dinosaur when I tried to avoid carnaval.


Cidade do Samba – The Samba City

Today I went to visit the Samba City, where all the installations are kept before the great Carnaval Parade. Some images attached – Sneak pick into Carnaval 2014:
(Unfortunately, the pics are of bad quality since I had to leave my iPhone behind, as the place is located in an area that looks like something I would imagine Germany looked like at the end of WWII)