The Brazilians are opening their eyes and going into the streets

Brazilian politics #changeBrazil

The recent state of affairs here forced me to throw in my 50 cents of contribution. As some of you may have heard, there are ongoing protests in São Paulo and Rio that were portrayed by the local media as vandalistic actions complaining about the increase in the cost of public transportation.
The truth is that the issues are much much bigger but the public media channels are trying to cover up.

Brazil has corrupt politicians and bureaucratic public servants that keep getting paid ridiculous amounts while doing nothing for the public good. The education system here is shameful, infrastructure is in shambles and the so-called free health system is a joke. Prices just keep rising on everything and the government keeps announcing new multi-billion programs all the time, the results of which are no where to be seen. All the money keeps getting stolen or wasted irresponsibly. This is unsustainable. Ever since I have gotten here, I have been shocked to see how complacent the general population is with respect to what is going on around them but now I am thrilled to hear that Brazilians are finally fed up with this status quo and are rising up for their rights.
Please share the following video with everyone you know. This is really not trivial change of attitude.