The 7 Tenets of My Newly Established Religion

I have decided to publish the key principles that drive me and hope everyone buys into them, lives accordingly and shares with the world:

1. Be happy
2. Learn something new every day and share it with others
3. Get inspired
4. Discover new places, foods and culture
5. Make others happy
6. Break traditional ways of thinking and pave your own way
7. Make lots of mistakes and then learn from them

They can be followed in any random order

More detailed descriptions to come in the future.

Stop for a moment and get inspired

I sent this video to a few people this week and everyone unanimously said they were inspired!
So time for you to get inspired too!

So.. what are the next steps?

What are the projects on my mind?

Ever since I reached Brazil, I have had an infinite brainstorming session inside my head about things I want to do the near time that will make me happy. Thought I would list my top 15 here:

1. Write a book

2. Write a book with a friend (1 done, 1 to go – let me know if you know any publishers).

3. Open a hostel

4. Bring educational opportunities to Brazil (I think this is the number 1 problem in this country) – both for graduate level and for basic education.

5. Start an online business

6. Fall in-love

7. Read the increasing pile of books on my nightstand

8. Take all the possible courses on Coursera

9. ┬áMake a difference in someone’s life

10. Travel to somewhere completely different

11. Learn how to cook something new

12. Discover new hidden places in Rio

13. Start a tourism-related business or join a tourism-related company

14. Learn French (Or Italian, or Japanese, or Swedish, etc.,)

15. Make my blog go viral