The new generation in Brazil

I ran into the following video that was made a couple of years ago about the dreams of the Brazilian youth. I think that it’s a very interesting reflection and insight into what is currently happening with the protests in Brazil.
In general, my perception is that the new generation is much more curious and open minded but they lack a lot of base and skills to internalize the world around them and build upon it. The older generation is very conservative and risk-averse, which makes it hard for the young ones to grow their ideas and flourish.

The Brazilians are opening their eyes and going into the streets

Revolution in Pictures – Brazil

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a couple of images I found floating around that highlight some of the critical points about the current situation in Brazil.

The Confederations Cup

10641_547638341960347_1745567977_nDilma was booed at the Confederations Cup over the hypocracy of the government, trying to window dress the country for the foreigners while the truth is that many things are going down the drains. In the image above to the left she is discontent, saying that the people are uneducated. On the right side we see how absurd that is because ┬áit’s actually the fault of her government that is not investing in education and instead wasting the country’s resources and feeding the masses with soccer games and soap operas to keep them happy.

The Reasons for the Protests


Many news outlets are showing only a limited version of the truth. The image above is showing that the cost of bus fares is just a little drop in the sea of issues Brazil faces such as: violence, corruption, lack of education, inflation, neglect, etc.

It’s interesting to see how people from all walks of life are starting to get together suddenly and at least talk about the issues with one voice. I see changes ahead.