Water Rationing

Now, water shortage is something I thought I wouldn’t ever have to deal with, especially in Brazil, a country with the largest amount of fresh water resources in the world.

It all started on Wednesday when I arrived from work and was notified by my doorman that there was water shortage and we have to save water. I was quite confused. I thought that I had already been saving water (this is how my Jewish mama raised me)…

Well, turns out that not all Brazilians have a Jewish mama and it’s common to take 40 minutes showers or just keep the tap running forever (this is based on a very scientific survey polled from 2 Brazilian friends) . So his advice indeed had some practical implications beyond sacrificing basic needs.

I kept going on with my business as usual until Saturday when I found out I could no longer take a shower or flush my toilet and for the first time in my life I encountered a water truck, refueling a building! The doorman said that even though the water station went back to normal operation on Wednesday (which is confirmed on their website), water supply hasn’t normalized yet.

Ever since, we have been getting water only during certain hours and my impression is that it’s not really 100% fresh (unless I haven’t noticed water previously having a yellowish color!!).

I’ve got no idea what the future holds but In the meantime, I’ve stocked up for my next shower!!


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