The Four Stages of Living Abroad and Six Stages of Living in Brazil

I have had quite a few people ask me before about how does one get a job in Brazil, how is the process like and how is it working/living in a country I had nothing to do with just one year ago. I still have that on my “to do” list as the answer is not simple or short. But in the meantime,  I found an interesting piece of the Four Stages of Living Abroad“: Honeymoon, Frustration/Rage, Understanding and Acclimation.

I found my process so far something like: Frustration / Rage (prior to arriving) – > Honeymoon with Frustration / Rage (beginning of stay here) -> Honeymoon – > Frustration/Rage – > Understanding.. I haven’t reached acclimation yet and I am somewhere between Rage and Understanding. Looking forward to get to the last point..

How was your process?

Here’s a graph I later found about this:


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