Come to Rio – Write a Book

Combine natural beauty, irrational behavior and dysfunctional services and you have gotten yourself a great story, a beautiful painting or a romantic song.

One of such creators is my buddy Cassia Martins, an ivy league grad and a financial industry professional who ended up writing, self-publishing and promoting her book, Born in Rio. It’s always interesting to figure out how much of the written prose is fiction and how much is the person’s real experience. Well, when I read it, I could tell for a fact that her experience of Rio’s environment was completely real. The bohemian vibe, the strolls on the beach, the inner happiness of folks you meet here. As for the rest, I guess I should have asked! Somehow, I didn’t because maybe it’s better to never know….

I will let you guys judge – check out her website or buy the book here directly.

One thing that is very clear to me is that Rio is the city of the lost souls. There are tons of foreigners that get here from functional places but somehow dysfunctional lives and embark on some kind of an journey. I could certainly see this in Cassia’s heroine but also in myself and many others that I know.

Hopefully, this is something I could myself express in writing some day. In the meantime, way to go, Cassia!

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